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Meet Sabia C. Wade

Sabia is a Black and Queer Full Spectrum Doula, Doula Business Coach and Reproductive Justice Advocate. In 2015, she began as a volunteer doula with The Prison Birth Project. In her role as a volunteer doula, she assisted incarcerated and formerly incarcerated parents, as well as parents in recovery for two years. Those two years opened up her mind to the need for doula care, as well as the inaccessibility of doulas, especially for marginalized groups.

Since her experience with Prison Birth Project, she has created a successful private doula business and a nonprofit named For The Village that provides doulas to low income and marginalized groups in San Diego. Her experience and knowledge inspired her to create Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings. 

She had two main goals when she created BADT. Her first goal was to bring necessary education to doulas that were seeking to go beyond the traditional doula role and into advocacy work for the individuals and families that need us. Her second goal was to make these trainings accessible by making them online and providing payment options to participating doulas. In order for change to happen, she realized there would be have to be shifts in educational accessibilty for doulas so they can be the change in their own communities!